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Buenos Aires Last Few Days

I must apologise for not updating my diary. It seems to have been one thing after another. Yes I did arrive back very tired 13 hour flights are fine but the time difference and lack of sleep are not that great. I just could not get motivated to update my diary mainly caused by the thought and the work involved in cleaning up the mess left by my boat visitor while I was away. Then on Friday my electrics decided they wanted to pack up, well the Inverter puffed out some smoke and sparks and that was that. Now for anyone like myself who does not understand electrics the Inverter on a boat is what converts 12 volt battery to 220 volts for things like my computer and TV. So nothing to charge Laptop!!! I was very lucky that someone (Keith) that does follow my blog contacted me after I put out a plea for help on a forum and arrived first thing Monday morning to help me out, thank you Keith. Unfortunately the Inverter needs to go back to the manufacturer who is based in Holland for repair and that could take up to four weeks...... On Tuesday Keith phoned to say that after a lot of persuasion he has managed to get me a loan Inverter and is going to come on Saturday to fit it.

Anyway have managed to charge the Laptop now so will take my mind back to those last few days in Buenos Aired. The idea of this my second visit was just to take things easy before returning. Walk round the city sit and drink lots of coffee and watch the world go round.

I loved my evening at the Opera to see Carmen. The theatre was very nice unfortunately not the Opera House as that is in the middle of a major renovation. When the curtain went up I was a bit taken aback to see the scenery included a wall with very modern graffiti. In my opinion the production was a very brave move as it was set it the present time. It worked very well with a lot of modern dance included, the audience like myself took a little while to adjust but soon realised that the gamble had paid off. At the end the standing ovation must have lasted for 20 minutes.

San Martin's Mausoleum

The following day I was up quite late and decided that really I needed to revisit the city centre. I did want to re visit the Cathedral to once a gain see San Martins Mausoleum. When I visited before I was unaware of the great contribution that San Martin had made to the history of South America and especially Argentina.

The famous balcony "Anyone seen a President knocking around?"

Just close to The Cathedral is the Casa Rosada the official seat of government and the offices of the President. It is most probably best known for the speech given by Eva Peron (Evita)   When I arrived the crowd outside were quite large and it turned out that they were awaiting the arrival of the President. I did hang about for about one hour but no one seemed quite certain what time he was going to arrive so I carried on with my stroll round Buenos Aires.

Casa Rosada by night it is known as "The Pink Building"Armoured Vehicle Patrolling at Night

On my final night I decided I really should go and see some Tango. This was a Tango Show aimed at tourists like myself, it was quite good but did drag on a bit. The best part was that I met up with a couple of other travellers I had met last month in El Calafate so it was nice to catch up and compare notes on where we had been since. The show finished about 1 am and gave me a chance to walk round Buenos Aries at night, now the books will tell you not to do this......they are wrong I never felt threatened and enjoyed watching the locals out enjoying the night life