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Rio Here I Come!!!!!! 6 January 2010 Day 1

Well here I am at Heathrow awaiting take off!!

Yesterday I travelled down to London from Banbury via Solihull, I know going in the wrong direction!!! My Kindle arrived (more about that later) so I arranged to meet Viv at Solihull Station to take delivery. On arrival at London I headed over to Brixton to meet up with Gemma. In the evening we went and had a fantastic meal at a Caribbean Restaurant. I have decided I really like Brixton so vibrant and multi-cultural, and the market is fantastic the range of fresh food is just incredible.

Heathrow Terminal 5

This morning I left the flat with Gemma at 7am and caught the bus to Paddington and then the Heathrow Express, I must say I do think The Heathrow Express is amazing from Central London to Heathrow in 15 minutes. So here I am at Terminal 5 as I am flying British Airways. I do like Terminal 5 very modern and all very quick from picking up my boarding pass to where I am now waiting 10 minutes.

Now back to my new toy!!! The Kindle, well I played with it on the train to London yesterday, it comes with 3g already installed so by the time I arrived in London I had downloaded all my guides and 8 other books, very here comes the magic of modern technology ....I subscribed to The Times to be delivered to my Kindle every morning, yes I know but it was either  The Torygraph or The Daily Mail. It comes with a 2 week free trial so I figured it was one way of keeping up with the news in the UK. Now for the magic.......This morning while sitting on the loo for my morning constitutional I turned on my Kindle waited about one minute and hey presto there was my paper. Now in all my life I have never had my morning paper delivered while sitting on the loo!!!!

Anyway hopefully my next post will be from Rio.....

Below is a picture I meant to post a few days ago of Adam showing his Grandmother the photos of his recent trip to Japan.

Reader Comments (4)

Too much information... but I have to say my dad would have loved a Kindle. He would never have come out of the WC :oD

Have a super trip!!!!

Hey, and we won in Sydney!!!!

Not quite such good news from Villa Park though. :(

Look forward to reading about your travels! ooh...and definitely too much information haha!

Ok will cut down on the information!!!!

What a great cricket result..........

Villa who???


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