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Bus To Ushuaia 19 February 2011 Day 43

Going through The Rockies

This is just a very quick update to say I have arrived at the end of the world, this is where I find out if that rumour that the world is round is correct!! I will book a boat trip and if I drop off the end I will know it was just a rumour.

One border crossing

The bus trip was horrendous. Well the bus trip itself was fine but the border crossings were just terrible. After about 2 hours we arrived at the border crossing to exit Argentina, that took about one and half hours. 2kms further up the road you arrive at the crossing to enter Chile, that took another one hour. Then you catch a ferry that takes about half an hour. One hour later you arrive at the border to exit Chile that takes another hour. Then again about 2kms further you arrive at the border to re enter Argentina that was nearly two hours. My passport is worn out with all those stamps!!

First view of ChileLeaving on the ferryFerry coming the other direction


We arrived in Ushuaia at about 10pm 13 hours after leaving Rio Gallegos. I have made a big decision (yes all on my own with no help) I am flying back from Ushuaia can face all those border crossings again!!

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