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Lake Argentino, El Calafate 25 February 2011 Day 49

Setting off across Lake Argentino

I must start off with some apologies. Firstly because time is starting to run out and I still have so much to do I have been getting a bit of a move on so have been unable to update my website. I am at the stage where I am thinking I might have to extend my trip by a few weeks. Secondly to those people that have emailed sorry I have not replied to all of them yet but the volume of emails increases every day, I have thought of disabling the email function but as long as people don’t mind a slight delay I am happy to keep it going. The problem is for some very obscure reason my little site seems to be attracting more people yesterday I had over 1,000 hits (Gemma and Adam why are you reading so much) My other apology is again for the number of photographs, I will just say I can’t help it, this country is so awe inspiring the camera just does not stop........




Today I was up and about early as I was being collected from the hotel at 07:30 for a full day’s trip on a boat exploring the glaciers of Lake Argentino. The town I am staying at is called El Calafate and is a new town that really just caters for people going to see or walk the glaciers.

The Lake Argentino forms part of Los Glasiares National park. The park covers 4459 square kms. It has 47 glaciers and is the largest ice cap after the Antarctic. My trip today will get up close to 3 of the largest glaciers; they are Perito Merino Glacier the largest of the glaciers, Upsala Glacier and Spegazzini Glacier.

Now seeing these glaciers is great but I have to say I was completely taken by the icebergs. These icebergs are the lumps of ice that fall of the glaciers and it was like taking a boat trip through a enormous sculpture park. The scenery all round was fantastic and just wish my photographs could convey this!! Unfortunately the weather was also against me as it was very overcast and at times rained quite hard.

Spegazzini Glacier

I have never seen such blue ice (no it is not a trick of the camera) this is caused by the blue volcanic dust in the ice compacted over three to four hundred years. As the glaciers are always moving down some glaciers by about 2 meters a year it takes on Merino Glacier about 300 years to move from the top to the bottom where it eventually breaks off and floats down into the lake and depending on the size can take anything up to 2 years to melt away.

 Pinocio maybe?

Glacier Upsala

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Wish I had not seen your diary I am having to change all my plans for my trip to Argentina. I do not want to miss this!

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