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Buenos Aires (I Have a Plan!!) 4 February 2011 Day 28

I know a bit corny but the tune has been on my mind all day!!!

Hello Buenos Aires

This morning I had to make the short walk from my hotel to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry to Buenos Aires. The ferry was due to depart at 10:45am and sure enough it did it is about 50km from Colonia to Buenos Aires and the trip took about one and half hours on the quite fast Seacat Service.

Now where is it I want to go???Try this train and see where I end up!!

On arrival it took almost as long for my bag to arrive!! On leaving the terminal I caught a taxi to my hotel. I am really in the dark about the sights etc. In Buenos Aires as it was always my intention to leave the city for my return as I am flying back to the UK from here. I am booked into my hotel for 2 nights, mainly so I can work on my plan to travel down to Patagonia.

I met a couple of girls from Australia as soon as I had checked into my hotel and they advised me to head down to the bus terminal and start getting myself sorted. So off I went to the subway station. I eventually worked out how to get the bus terminal this would involve one change of train. I purchased my ticket for about 30 pence and down into the bowls of Buenos Aires I went!! The first leg of the journey involved going through six stations and the next leg was five stations. The first thing that struck me was that each station seemed to have its own unique Muriel made of tile I must say some of them very good and certainly cheered up a drab looking station.

I think these brighten up the stations

Above ground at last for some fresh diesel fumes!!

I eventually came above ground to mbe able to breath the fumes of Buenos Aires, a bit of a shock after Colonia and Fray Bentos!! I walked to the bus station, it is ENORMOUSE and has about 100 different bus companies working from here to about every city in Argentina.

One of these bus companies must go where I want to goArgentina Bus looks quite nice to me

I eventually located a company offering services to Patagonia and I stuck even luckier because the lasy working at the counter spoke quite good English as long as I did not mumble and talk to quitly!! I established it was possible to buy a ticket to Rio Gallegos (nearly but not quite to the bottom!!) and make as many stops on the way that I wanted for as long as I want for about £130 (US$200) now I just need to do some urgent research to see where I want to stop and what class the price I have quoted is for first class non sleeper as I do not intend to travel at night. The buses are even more luxurious than the ones in Brasil. I think I can confidently say a plan is coming together. If I take 14 days to go to Patagonia down the East Coast 7 days in Patagonia then maybe 7 days back via The Lakes and Andes that would then leave me most of March to re visit Uruguay and Paraguay. Well that is still a long way away.


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