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The Long Journey Begins!! 6 February 2011 Day 30



A short video taken at street paty

I will have to start today’s diary entry by going back to yesterday, well last night. After I wrote my diary entry I set off to go out for dinner with Anne and Emma the two Australian girls staying at the same place as myself. As we turned the corner we came across the start of a street party. There was much banging of drums and a lot of dancing. People in South America certainly like to enjoy there evenings. I am not sure what this street party was all about maybe just because it was Saturday Night. We ended up staying for quite a while and knocked the dinner on the head as we shared the food being cooked on the street. I left at about midnight, but I caught Anne and Emma sneaking back into the hotel at 06:30am as I was having a coffee and cigarette on the veranda. They had been invited to a party at someone’s house and a great time.

Where is my bus??

Now you might wonder what was I doing up and about at 06:30am well I am at the best of times an early riser, but today is also the start of my Mystery Bus Tour to Patagonia and I needed to get myself sorted and down to the bus station for 10am as my bus was due to depart at 10:30am. I had left myself plenty of time by leaving the hotel at 9am, well I had been warned that the underground was a bit erratic on a Sunday. I arrived at the bus station at just before 10am and that was just as well, I mentioned before that the bus station is enormous!! My bus was due to depart from platform 51 I am so pleased it was not platform 91 as the walk to platform 51 took about 15 minustes. As it turned out my bus was late!! Yes the first bust so far that has been late it was about 11am when it arrived.

Looks comfortable enough for me!!

Now I have to say at this stage that when I say the bus was luxurious I am not exaggerating, yes I had paid a bit extra for First Class but was certainly not expecting thick leather seat that would make British Airways 1st Class look a bit ordinary!! The 1st Class section is downstairs and has 12 seats that occupy the complete section. Today’s journey is scheduled to take 10 hours!! Yes it is a long trip and the longest single stretch on my trip to Patagonia. The reason for this long start was explained to me that there really is nothing worth stopping for in the Pampas.

Boca Juniors Football Stadium

A very small Police StationSteak on legs

At last a short break

The bus took about one hour to clear Buenos Aires through the suburbs and then we hit the Pampas and it was just hour upon hour of flat green land with lots of cattle and then the odd field of sunflowers. The bus only made one stop after about five hours but in the meantime meals were served on trays and films were shown. I even managed to sleep for a couple of hours, it is just one long straight road.

It has been a long but comfortable day!!

At 8pm we arrived at my first stopping point a Pampas Town called Bahia Blanca 700kms south of Buenos Aires. Tomorrow I will try and discover what the town has to offer.  The total distance from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia is just under 2,400kms!!!  

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