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The Long and Winding Road Crossing The Andes 10 March 2011 Day 62

Today I caught the bus from Santiago, Chile to Mendoza, Argentina. This meant crossing the Andes again. This time I was on an all First Class bus and because for once I had been organised and booked the bus while still in Pucon I had the prime seat at the front upstairs to give me the best views. It was certainly worth for once being organised the views were stunning. Though I have to admit at times it would have been best not to look down to often and see how close we were to the side and a very big drop down!!!  On the Chilean side it is a very steep incline and the road turns and twists, not sure if I would fancy the trip too much in the winter when the snow and ice covers the road. On the Argentinean side it is a far gentler decline. I have been lucky enough to have crossed The Rockies in Canada and have to say that The Andes crossing is far more stunning and dramatic.

One of the few small communities along the way

Entrance to tunnel

At just over 3,000 meter there is a tunnel called Cristo Redentor that is just over 3kms long and separates Chile from Argentina. When travelling from Chile border control is actually on the Argentina side and both exit from Chile and entry into Argentina is done in the one building, though with Q’s etc it still takes the best part of two hours. If travelling in the other direction the border control is on the Chilean side.

Waiting to cross borderAll First Class Bus

Unfortunately once again my photographs have let me down. The two main reasons (besides me not being a very good photographer) are that taking photos from a moving bus is difficult and also the reflection in the window of the bus makes it difficult.


The old railway line no longer in use


Reader Comments (3)

looks great!! Photos look fine to me.

Photos look great, didn't even think about them being taken from a bus until I read that!

I think the photos are superb, just glad I was not on the bus|!!!!
Love Penxxxx

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