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Day 21 All relaxed 26 january 2010

Last night after I had posted on the internet I found a nice restaurant on the beach selling very nice looking fresh fish and a variety of prawns. I decided to go for a large looking fish with some Tiger Prawns good with Masala well I can report that it was fantastic; the fish was like Sea Bass.

Today is the 26th of January a very important day for Indians as it is Republic Day and also a public holiday. Today India is officially 60 years Old. Even though India received independence from Britain in 1947, it was agreed that until it had written a Constitution it would still be governed and subject to Britain and British law but no longer occupied. Well it took three years for a group of very wise men to come up with the final constitution and on the 26th of January 1950 India finally became independent of Britain it was not until 1951-2 that the first general election was held in the worlds largest democratic country. So much for the history lesson!!

Today I just took the opportunity to do nothing except bounce from Café to Café enjoying the coffee and talking to a lot of other travellers, it seems that Mamallapuram is a popular stopping point for backpackers to rest on there trip round India, so it would seem I was not the only one with that idea. I also did some clothes shopping and bought a couple of new cotton shirts, I weakened on my resolve not to buy any shorts……when you have short fat legs shorts are not that flattering.. I always feel like I look like an aged “Billy Bunter” but it is so hot that I decided I was never going to win any beauty contest and no one knows me anyway!!

I wandered down to the beach decked out in my new shorts to see what the fishermen were bringing in for dinner tonight and was fascinated watching the preparation that goes into getting a boat ready for a fishing trip.

First it has to be carried to the waters edge.

Then the engine is carried down and attached to the boat.

Next the nets are carried down.

Finally it’s of to sea to go fishing.


With it being a holiday today the main street and was very busy as it seem most of Chennai came to spend some time by the sea hopefully tomorrow it will quieten 

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