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Day 24 -26 Delhi Belly 29 - 31 January 2010

Well it was bound to happen and it did I have spent nearly three days in my hotel only venturing out for water and fruit and some medicine but here I am now nearly fully recovered and I think with quite a bit of weight loss, can think of better ways to lose weight but hey it works!!

I am so pleased I purchased those antibiotics in Bhopal the only thing was I waited a day before I started taking them, well I am male and so hate to take pills unless I have to.....


I have delayed my departure to Pondycherry by one day to ensure that I am fully recovered and those red marks on my legs from the toilet seat have gone!!! so hopefully normal service will be resumed.

Reader Comments (3)

It was the prawns I tell you...the prawns!!!

Nah it was not the prawns it was some chicken I ate, I let my guard down and went with a group of other people to another restaurant and ate the Tandoori Chicken!! The place where I normally go the prawns are still breathing before they cook them.

Oh dear - at least there was a toilet - some of us weren't so lucky!!!!

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