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Day 38 Hyderabad Exploring 12 February 2010


I was up and about quite early this morning as I had decided to walk the 4 km from my hotel to the lake that sits in the middle of Hyderabad. This being a Friday and Hyderabad having a very high Muslim population most places are closed today and besides an early morning walk would do me good after the great curry I had last night. The thing about India is that the food is very cheap about 100 rupees (£1-40) for a two course meal but the portions are enormous!!

Hussain Sagar Lake is a very large man made lake it was created sometime in the 18th century and also divides Hyderabad from Secunderbad it was created to provide water for Secunderbad, when you look at the size of the lake I can’t help wondering at how much work and digging by hand it must have taken to create such a large lake. In the middle of the lake is the 350 ton 57 ft statue of Lord Buddha. This statue was built in 1990 and is I am told the largest statue of Buddha in the world. When it was first ferried out to the middle of the lake in 1990 the boat sank under its weight and the statue spent the next two years under water until they managed to rescue it in 1992, and install it on what they call Rock of Gibraltar. By the side of the lake there is a very pleasant park where you can get a good view of the statue if you want a closer look at the statue there are regular boats trips leaving from here, I was to early for any boat trips.

Temple as seen from lake

From the lake you can see The Birla Temple on top of the hill overlooking the lake. As it was still fairly cool I decided to climb up the hill to get a closer look, easier said than done… was further away than I thought so by the time I started up the hill it was quite warm and nearly mid-day!!!

The temple was built quite recently and completed in 1976. It is a magnificent building made out of pure white marble from Rajasthani, it is built between the rocks. I did not go inside I am told that it is even more magnificent inside with lots of silver statues.

I did find some of the statues in a small work shop in the temple grounds where they come to be cleaned.

My hotel an old Heritage Building

I am enjoying my visit to Hyderabad and even though I have only seen a couple of other tourists on my travels it appears to have plenty to offer and most of the local population speak very good English, I guess that is one of the reasons why so many UK call centres are based here.

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